Defnite - July Update

Hi everyone

Again a moth full of development. I have spent most of this month’s time with updating the complete UI and UX. The main menu, quests and inventory windows are nothing like before, completely revamped for better access, readability and more. For example the new inventory:

You will be able to navigate through the tabs and exit the menu by keyboard and mouse, compare weapon stats and more. There are still a lot of small improvements to do, but I am working on them, step by step. 

The full release notes: 



  • Added weapon compare system
  • Reworked UI


  • Reworked UI


  • Completely reworked the UI of the main menu

Update System

  • Updated to a newer, more stable version with the ability to generate a log report


  • Added a new animation to the main character: forward roll


  • Added fire modes to supported weapons (single, double, multi)
  • Added critical hit system (shots to the head deal more damage)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write below in the comments. 

I have set up a Patreon site if you want to support me on my journey:

Or join the discord server:



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